On a rainy day..

Photo by: Megan Elizabeth Eilers

The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say,
but what we are unable to say. ~Anaïs Nin

I don’t know about any of you reading this, but I think Anaïs Nin, knew what she was talking about.  Writing is an amazing outlet with so much opportunity to express thoughts, emotions, and beliefs–I can’t fathom the idea that writing isn’t enjoyable for some people!  On that note, you may have noticed (if you regularly check my blog) that my writing page has come up in the links section.  It’s about time right? This blog/website is in fact called, Megan Eilers’ Writing & Photography Portfolio.  Thanks to a rainy day and some free time between classes, I decided it was time to pay some attention to my website.  Hopefully, you will check out my essays (I have a ton more to post) and give me some feedback–negative and positive is always welcome, I won’t become a better writer without people telling me what is good or bad (hint hint, send my site to other people).  Additionally, I do love feedback in all areas of life, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone post some sort of comment on my photos, blog entries, essays, or heck, even my about me page! I want to know who is reading what, and what you think.  Here is my favorite essay, but be warned, its a bit long: Technological Bridge

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