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I don’t have much time to write a post because I am running dangerously late for class, but I had to share what I did last night. I went to Oregon State University’s rival school (University of Oregon) and saw a presentation on Human Trafficking. I don’t have much time to talk about it, but in short: human trafficking (often known as prostitution) is a huge problem in the United States. I know that myself and probably many people in the US believe that this is a problem in places like Cambodia and other underdeveloped countries. This is true, but there are over 200,000 people being trafficked in the US alone, so clearly this is a big problem. If you want to learn more or start your own information group, please check out these links.

Hope you find this as inspiring as I did!

Univ. Oregon Slavery Still Exists Facebook Group

Univ. Oregon WordPress Slavery Blog (also added to my blog roll over there—-> )

International Justice Mission (where you can find info to start your own)



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