Will it never end?

Photo by: Megan Elizabeth Eilers

So I’m doing homework (and have been for almost 5 hours already!) and I am sick and tired of it, so I decided to post a blog entry to see who else was avoiding homework right along with me (or avoiding anything you know you should be doing)! :D Yes, I really am that bad of a procrastinator (although I do always get my stuff done in the nick of time).  Thankfully, I finished my biology portfolio, but very unfortunately I have yet to read any of the assigned book we have for my history class (Murder in Amsterdam) or write the paper that goes along with it–due tomorrow by noon.  Have you read that book? Any insight? I think instead of starting I may do some laundry or go to the gym, maybe reorganize my closet… oh the possibilities of procrastination.  Amazing Race ended so I don’t even have a show to watch tonight to take me away from homework later. Grrr. Will the homework never end? Will summer ever come, I’m ready for the beach and sunshine (see photo)? Going to work is so much better, I get paid to do stuff… and I enjoy it a whole lot more!


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