The Final Days….

Dear Blogging World,

I think I may be losing my mind. I’ve spent the entire day (after class) doing homework.  It is now almost one in the morning, and I just came to a point where I am okay with stopping.  I think I may have a problem with being too prepared (ha, like there is such a thing!)…”Hi,  my name is Megan. I’m overly concerned with my finals.” Group, “Hi Megan.” haha, sorry had to add some humor in there (reminds me of this clip from Finding Nemo–you have to go to 2:35 in the video)! Anyway,  I’m exhausted, but my French class is officially done except for a meeting with my professor to turn in my final exam. Yay me!  Part of the French test was writing an essay about a very nice girl who came and spoke to our class today.  She was from Cameroon, and told us all kinds of interesting facts that I certainly did not know.  Anyone out there in the blogesphere from Cameroon?  In addition to completing all my French stuff (it’s 1am, I can’t think of a better word than stuff at the moment), I also worked on my final history paper…I am 1.5 pages in…only 7 more to go! This paper is on two more books I’ve read for the class I mentioned previously in a post.  The books this time were: Murder in Amsterdam by Ian Buruma and Cafe Europa by Slavenka Draculic.  Neither of these were books that I’d heard of, or would likely pick off a shelf to read, but both were actually quite fascinating to me! I didn’t know nearly enough about the Netherlands or Croatia (the settings of these books), but now I have a little more insight into the way the Dutch & Croats lives have changed….don’t quiz me though, it’s far too late (or early, depending on how you look at it)! I’d love to get opinions on these books if anyone has them—you could potentially help me raise my B+ to an A  … I’m just sayin’  :D

Okay, at this point I’m pretty sure my sentences are no longer making sense, and my fingers seem to have troubles tapping the correct keys, so I am off to bed.  Up again tomorrow at the crack of dawn to work on more finals stuff & studying… oh joy!

Goodnight all!


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