Obsession of the Week | Adele

I am sure many of you have heard of singer/songwriter, Adele.  Well currently, I am completely obsessed with her music and this week I’ve been especially drawn to “Someone Like You.”  The song is simply addicting!  When I really love a song I have a desire to replay it over and over again without interruption (OCD much? I think yes).

Her other popular songs from her new album, 21, “Rolling in the Deep” (made really popular by the I Am Number Four trailer–amazing movie, by the way) and “Turning Tables” are also on my recently played list more than once!

What is so amazing about Adele (other than her awesome voice) is that she wrote the songs on the CD when she was 21–the same age as me! (I bow to your mad skills Adele!)

Anyway, I highly suggest listening to (and/or downloading) her songs, then hit the repeat button and fade into the wonderful songs!  There is a really cool video on YouTube where she sings “Someone Like You” in her home, and you can see the power with which she sings.  The link is here. Seriously, check it out!

So folks, there you have it, my current obsession. I know it isn’t some awesome new thing no one has heard of, but hopefully for future obsession of the week posts, I will be able to find stuff before it becomes popular enough to be on Glee (performed by Gwyneth Paltrow)!

**Please note, I was not paid to endorse this whatsoever, I just really love her music.

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