Social Media Excitement

Anyone out there who doesn’t believe that social media is the most awsome-ist wonderful-ist addition to our lives is absolutely crazy.  That is a fact.  Okay okay, maybe you don’t think so, but let me tell you I am OBSESSED.

Yes I understand it is a problem, but good things CAN come from it!  So any of you who follow my blog are probably aware that I am Sicilian (for those of you who need help with geography, that is the island that Italy’s “boot” is kicking), which means of course that I am a complete “foodie” (a.k.a. the nice way of saying I’m seriously addicted to food).

Combine my love of social media and food and this is what you get:

That’s right, I got a response from Giada DeLaurentiis herself!  For any of you who aren’t already following me on twitter (*cough* click the link *cough*) and didn’t see the link to the recipe, you can check it out here.  Sorry I was unable to post a picture, it was gone too fast! (yes, it was that good)

Anywhoo, how awesome is that? I felt so special that of the three or four people she responded to that evening, she chose me!!  I know that lots of celebs respond on twitter, but it is still AWESOME!!

Keep your eyes posted on the blog, I am going to try and post some cool stuff this week (in between packing boxes and struggling to drive a U-Haul).

In the comments section let me know if you have any cool celeb encounters (on social media sites or in person) or if you have tried any really awesome recipes lately.  (Also, if you don’t know how crazed I am about Pinterest and the cornucopia of recipes on there, you can check that out here :) )

2 responses to “Social Media Excitement

  1. Rosemary

    I love Giada De Laurentis and her recipes! Tonight I brought her Caramelized Pancetta and Fennel Salad as my contribution to a dinner with Sicilian friends. I added orange segments and toasted almonds to bring together the flavors of Sicily. Everyone loved it! Thanks to Giada and her wonderful sense of fun in the kitchen – and on Twitter!

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