Movie Review | Crazy, Stupid, Love.

“Seriously? It’s like your photoshopped!”

Hi there everyone!

I’ve decided to add a new category to my blog: movie reviews!  You may be wondering what authority I have in reviewing Hollywood’s shining (and not so shining) stars out there, and here it is: I’ve watched them! I am a total movie buff and as you well know if you are a follower of my blog I love to give my opinion about just about anything, so it was only obvious that I should start posting movie reviews.

Yes I know, not exactly a Roger Ebert level reputation, but if you want a brief synopsis along with some witty commentary–something I have in bulk–this is the place you will want to come for movie reviews.

First up: Crazy, Stupid, Love.  If you haven’t heard of it or haven’t seen the previews, check them out.  These alone should draw you in to want to see the movie, but if you still aren’t convinced, read on :)

Of course, first things first: the cast.  Who doesn’t love a good dose of Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Julianne More, Marisa Tomei, and Kevin Bacon.  Being 21 my favorite piece of this cast was definitely Mr. Gosling–the line about being photoshopped is directed at his beyond beautiful body.  Obviously Carell, Moore, and Stone are all actors who are well known for their funny characters in other movies, and this film only helps their filmography lists.

The plot was definitely interesting, a few more twists than one may expect (don’t worry, no spoilers here).  The best part about the film was the fact that it didn’t follow in every bad rom-com’s footsteps. The drama was far more intense, making it an “adult” romantic comedy (nothing raunchy, I promise), but it stirred emotions of all varieties, not just fairy tale endings.

Overall the moral of the movie was a good one, basically: stick up for what you love, no matter the obstacles.  I would highly suggest seeing the movie, but if you are like me and don’t enjoy spending $12.00 for a movie ticket at the theater, this would be an okay movie to see on DVD in a few months.  I have to say though, that if you are like me in another way, seeing Ryan Gosling’s abs on a movie theater-sized screen is a pretty wonderful experience.

I know this was a rough version of a movie review, but I promise they will only improve with time.  In the comments, let me know what kind of details you would like to see in future reviews. Happy viewing!

**Please note I was not paid to endorse Crazy. Stupid. Love. or any associated products/websites/actors.

2 responses to “Movie Review | Crazy, Stupid, Love.

  1. Good Review! Overall, the film is too conventional for my liking. It needed to be sharper, wittier, and funnier. But for average summer fare, it’s okay. It’s far from perfect and runs on the long side, but rom-com and chick flick lovers will likely be satisfied. Check out my review when you can please!

    • thanks :) I checked out your blog, I will definitely take some pointers from a clearly more experienced movie reviewer. Definitely have to agree that it wasn’t the best rom-com of all time, but being 21 and female I was pretty satisfied with it! Be sure to check out my other posts, and I will definitely send people toward your blog!

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