Fun Finds | Daily Journal Idea

Despite my best efforts, I have never been able to maintain any sort of diary/journal. Yes, I love to write (thus the blog, duh!), but to physically sit down at the end of everyday and “tell” a book what I’ve done is not something I find rewarding (especially after having to read and write all day long for school–ugh!).

As I was browsing through Pinterest I saw the picture below and was intrigued by the beauty of it…so of course, I clicked.

This awesome idea was from none other than Design*Sponge.  This is a great blog to check out if you haven’t already (I’m an addict avid follower).  Grace Bonney, the blogger in charge of the beautiful melding of all things design-y, has billions (okay maybe not) of posts from other bloggers around the web.  This particular idea was written by Kate Pruitt, who is really excellent at fun DIY projects.

So anyway, this beyond amazing idea is explained on the original post in more depth, but basically a one-liner note about the day on an index card is all you need to do.  As we all know, days become years far more rapidly than anyone would like to admit to, and eventually you have a really neat thread of memories being built and organized into a handy-dandy carton.

I may actually attempt to try out this project just to see if I can commit.  Here’s an accurate analogy for all of you: Megan is to Crafts as Men are to Long Term Relationships. :D (come on, you know you laughed!)

Everybody should definitely check out the crafts over on Design*Sponge, and feel free to leave me comments on any projects you’ve attempted (regardless if you finished them or not) and where you got the idea!

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