Obsession of the Week | Country Must Be Country Wide

It’s that time again folks…time for Meg’s Obsession of the Week.

This week I’ve been addicted to the song “Country Must Be Country Wide” by Brantley Gilbert. I absolutely love this song because it is so true…country music really is loved country-wide and it can totally bring people together.  Almost everyone in my family (*cough* except dad *cough*) likes country and I’m sure they would all love this song because it’s the kind of song you want to blast in the car or stand up and dance to wherever you are.

Now, I know not everyone out there is a country fan, but this is probably a song even non-country lovers would like because it is powerful and a great rock out song!  It’s playing right now while I write this post and my feet are a tappin’…if only I had some boots and a hat on, I would really get into it! (unfortunately, I am in my sweats and definitely not looking country-ed out!)Anywhoo, y’all (hahaha) should check out this song, which actually has a pretty cool music video too.  Here’s the link to iTunes and to watch the video just click the picture below :)

**Please note that I was not paid to endorse any of the aforementioned products/songs/etc…

2 responses to “Obsession of the Week | Country Must Be Country Wide

  1. Rosemary

    I LOVE Country (even have the boots and hat) but while this is good… its not my favorite…. I give it a 6….

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