Fun Finds | Bailey’s Coffee Creamer

Do you ever get bored with your morning cup of joe? Well, I do.  I am usually a plain old Coffee-Mate user. No fancy flavors or neat tricks necessary for my caffeine fix in the morning.  Unfortunately, the same style of coffee can get quite boring day in and day out, so when I was at the store this weekend and saw that Bailey’s Coffee Creamer was on sale for $2.00 I decided to give it a whirl. 

I really enjoyed it this morning in my coffee, but I did realize that this is probably best served in an evening setting.  Although the taste is quite delicious (btw, it is non-alcoholic..don’t worry, I don’t need that kind of “fix” at 8am), this creamer is definitely a little too intense for my morning cup.  Unfortunately, I don’t usually drink coffee at night because it is too darn expensive (I only buy 1 type of coffee: French roast from Peet’s Coffee & Tea) to be using twice a day.

Anywhoo, I hope you guys have some fun coffee creamer flavors to share with me, as I do like to know which ones to stay away from, and which ones will make my “try” list.  Also, if you have tried this or other Bailey’s flavors, give me your thoughts–after dinner treat, or a breakfast staple?Let me know in the comments section :)



One response to “Fun Finds | Bailey’s Coffee Creamer

  1. Rosemary

    True to your Irish heritage…… ;-)

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