Obsession of the Week | Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

Yesterday the official Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, pt. 1 soundtrack came out and once again I am totally in love!  Ever since “Eyes on Fire” and “Supermassive Black Hole” (both from the first Twilight soundtrack) made it into my iTunes, I have been enamored of the songs they’ve used in each of the films since.

Obviously since I have only listened to the soundtrack one time through so far, I only have initital reactions, but overall my favorite songs on the album are definitely:

Have any of you listened to the songs on the soundtrack yet? Are you getting excited for the movie to come out?
Well let me tell you I am totally excited–I already have my ticket for the 8pm showing on the 17th!! Yep, that’s right… before the midnight premiere. I am THAT cool. :p
Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

2 responses to “Obsession of the Week | Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

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  2. OMG I just saw the Breaking Dawn movie! It is better than I expected. My boyfriend already downloaded it. I’m gonna go watch it a few more times.

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