Obsession of the Week | Vampire Diaries

I promise I am not one of those people who is insanely obsessed with vampires or other sci-fi stuff, but I have recently become obsessed with the TV show, Vampire Diaries. Yes, I know I’ve been blogging about Breaking Dawn a lot lately, but I swear it is only a temporary addiction.  I would like to blame Netflix for this current obsession because they included Vampire Diaries in my “Suggestions for You” section a few weeks ago, and since then I’ve watched all the episodes in my spare time.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, it is on the CW, which is one of my favorite channels for really terrible, yet wonderfully dramatic shows (i.e. Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and the cancelled show, Life Unexpected). Vampire Diaries is currently on its third season, and the drama has only gotten more intense with each passing season.

These three are the main characters in the series: Paul Wesley (Stefan), Nina Dobrev (Elena), and Ian Somerhalder (Damon).

If that image doesn’t make it clear there is definitely some serious eye candy in this show–a major plus!  Interestingly, this show is based on a book series (like Twilight), but unlike Twilight, I haven’t read it, so I have no particular connection to whether or not it is accurately representing the authors’ goals.  If you’ve read it, and you watch the show, feel free to give me some insight on that topic in the comments section!

As for the plot lines that run thru the episodes, here is my rough summary.

Stefan and Damon are vampire brothers, who have moved back to their hometown of Mystic Falls.  As all siblings do, the Salvatore brothers fight over everything, including the past and present loves of their lives.  Elena is a human girl who is in high school, and who happens to be the doppelgänger for Katherine, an old vampire.  Back in the day (the 1860s), Stefan and Damon were both in love with Katherine, and as one may be able to predict (it is TV after all) they are both in love with Elena. With every few episodes we are introduced to new problems that come from living in a world with vampires, witches, and werewolves. Most recently: trying to kill some of the original vampires, who require more than just that pesky stake-to-the-heart protocol we all follow when we try to kill vamps. haha.

Personally, I really love this show and the way it explores all the characters–everyone is truly intertwined.  The chemistry between the three main characters is tangible, and by the end of each hour-long episode I feel like I am a part of the plot.

 Anywhoo, I hope you check this show out if you haven’t already because it really can draw you in.  Do note that if you try to start watching this show on January 5th (when it returns to TV) without having watched all the prior episodes, you will be lost. Enjoy :)

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