Obsession of the Week | Shooting Star

Thanks to one of my best friends I have a new obsession, and of course, it’s a song. With as many times as my obsessions of the week are songs or albums, I should probably just make it song of the week…. hmmm (don’t mind me, my brain just took off in another direction…your reguarly scheduled blog post is below…) :)

Welcome back. Anywhoo, the song is called Shooting Star. It was originally released by David Rush, an artist I had not heard of until hearing this song.  The original version is great, but you know what makes it even better?

A remix, of course! Add in 1 part David Rush genius, 1 part Pitbull, 1 part Kevin Rudolf, and 1 part LMFAO, and you get a seriously amazing song! Personally, I think it is a great song for making you want to just get up and dance your tushy off. Alexandra and I did just that in a parking lot not too long ago. (Finals have made us all lose our minds)

Side note: this song came out almost 3 years ago…I was either under a rock, or it never became popular.

Let me know in the comments section if you’ve been aware of this awesomeness for a while!

I don’t particularly like the music video for this song, I feel like it could have been a really amazing video had they chosen a different style, but hey, what do I know? Regardless, the song is great in either the original version or the remix version (the one I am in love with), so definitely check them out!

And although it is not technically part of the obsession of the week, David’s other popular song is called “Where You Wanna Go” and it is also a fun one…maybe he will collaborate again and make it even better!

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