Fun Finds | Lemon

Once again my wonderful iPhone has lead me to find awesome stuff. Today, it was the Lemon app.  The company Lemon, which from what I can tell is a fairly new company, helps organize receipts (both paper and electronic) into a handy report which can be accessed online or on your smartphone.

Currently in the app store (thru iTunes), Apple has a “new you” category featured. Within this, there are subcategories that focus on body, mind, money, and time. While perusing through all of these, I saw the catchy yellow and charcoal logo of Lemon and was instantly intrigued (I’m a marketers dream–show me a clean, crisp design and I am instantly drawn!)

I have yet to make any purchases since downloading the app and signing up (it’s free), but I can’t wait to better organize my spending, as the days of riding the parental money train are quickly coming to an end :(

I will post an update to this when I’ve made some purchases and can better explain the benefits of Lemon. Until then, I highly suggest checking this out, or downloading the app to see for yourself!

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