Obsession of the Week | Temple Run

Blogging world, I must once again apologize for being behind on blogging. This month has been absolutely insane and blogging got put on the back burner. Fortunately, I am back with something very exciting…a new obsession of the week!!

Honestly this obsession is longer lasting than a week, but that means its a good thing to be obsessed with right? Anywhoo, this obsession of the week is about a game I recently found in the iTunes app store. It is called Temple Run. This game is quite popular according to iTunes, so clearly I’m behind, but I figured there must be people who are further behind than I am!!

Shockingly, there is actually an entire Wikipedia page about Temple Run. Who would have thought that a game could have a Wikipedia page?! I didn’t, that’s for sure. Anyway, if you want serious details you can check that out here. In short though, you play as a character named Guy Dangerous, and the goal is to turn, slide, jump, and run away from some crazed monkeys who are chasing you through a maze within a jungle.

I can only imagine how exciting this game would be on the iPad, but even on my iPhone, it is pretty awesome. Unfortunately it does drain your battery when played for hours on end (oh that’s embarrassing to admit).  Regardless, it is totally my Obsession of January the Week, and it could be yours too, so check it out!!

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