Obsession of the Week | Lana Del Rey

Slightly moody, slightly pop-y, Lana Del Rey’s songs are definitely a new breed of music.  Her songs have captured the ears of millions, including myself, which is why she is my Obsession of the Week choice.


Although her first album came out in 2010, she has recently gained quite a bit of exposure and popularity. Her songs, for me at least, are great background music while doing other things, like homework, editing pictures, reading, etc..

I just downloaded one of her more popular songs called Video Games. The video for the song is very interesting as it is a compilation of clips that Lana herself put together.  As much as I like Video Games, I still prefer the original song I heard called Off to the Races.

Although Off to the Races is not a positive, inspirational song (like many of the Adele songs I love), it is a great song to belt out in the car or getting ready in the morning–the two spots I tend to listen to the most music!

I personally don’t foresee Lana’s music becoming influential in our generation like some of the more mainstream artists today, but she is definitely a talented artist, who (if she plays her cards right) might be able to become a truly successful musician and songstress.

Let me know what you think of Lana’s music in the comments section! :)

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