Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for a year, you’ve probably noticed the hottest trend for social media is to somehow document your everyday life.  currently I am participating (along with thousands of other people) in February Photo a Day, i.e. #febphotoaday

So just in case you aren’t already partaking in this challenge, here are the guidelines. Following the day-by-day ideas below, post pictures to instagram with the hashtag of #febphotoaday . Today’s image is supposed to be of the inside of you closet. Sounds silly, but some of the creative pictures I’ve seen for the past 2 weeks are really cool.

In order to provide inspiration, I’ve included all my feb photo a day pics from instagram.  Of course, don’t forget to follow me on followgram

#febphotoaday challenge

Day 1 | #myviewtoday -- school

Day 2 | #words -- VS gift card

Day 3 | #hands -- and a very true statement, coffee= ♥

Day 4 | #stranger -- yard house SD

Day 5 | #10am -- laundry day

Day 6 | #dinner -- too famished to take the picture beforehand

Day 7 | #button -- car key buttons are used and abused in my life

Day 8 | #sun -- 70 degrees in SD in Feb, yep that's awesome

Day 9 | #frontdoor -- internship time

Day 10 | #selfportrait -- turtle face

Day 11 | #makesmehappy -- caffe misto in a love cup from my bestie

Day 12 | #insidemycloset -- I'd hate to get lost in there!

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