a bloggers confession

I have a confession. (this is stolen from my bff, who starts out many conversations with those four words)

I feel pathetic and a little ashamed.

Here I call myself a blogger, but what have I been doing: not. blogging. (oh the horror!!!)

I feel uninspired. My life is consumed with far too many other things like work, school, upcoming graduation (52 days!!!!), and trying to find a job, to be focused on the exciting things in life. Sad, I know. Soon enough – hopefully – the stress will lessen and I can go back to sunshine, music, and enjoying the little things in life!


What’s a blogger to do when they’re lacking creativity and inspiration? Log onto Pinterest, of course.

Unfortunately, I am still left without any obsessions/fun finds/recipes/ etc.. that really get me in the blogging mood. BUT….here are a few fun ones that hopefully get your inspiration juices flowing, even though mine are stuck somewhere between job apps and research papers.

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