The Product Aisle | Wen Hair Care

Today, from “The Product Aisle,” I will be reviewing the Wen hair care product line.
Yes, Wen…the stuff in pop up ads and infomercials.  I’m on day four of using this stuff and my hair just keeps getting better and better.
Day 1 – I was leery. First of all working this product into your hair is a lot like trying to work kindergarten paste in. It’s not at all like other shampoos neither in consistency, application, rinsing nor the feel afterward. My hair felt like total crap. I couldn’t get a comb through it and there is no conditioner to help. After I towel dried I was able to get it combed, but still my hair had a texture as if it had been completely stripped of oil. I was about to send the product back, but then I blew my hair dry. I can’t express how beautiful my hair looked that first day and everyday since. It was so smooth (without a flat iron) and shiny. Because I didn’t have to use a flat iron I had body and bounce. The texture balm that came with the package deal was just the right amount of control to shape my hair and hold it in place. I felt like a hair model walking around tossing my hair about.
Day 2 – About the same as day one, but it was slightly easier to use the product in the shower. However, believe it or not the smoothness and shine were actually amplified after blowing it dry.
Day 3 – So much easier to use in the shower and my hair didn’t feel nearly as bad when wet. I think my hair has hit the maximum shine and smoothness because it looks the same as the day before. However I’m starting to wonder how they can market this product to women with curly hair. The way my hair feels and looks before blowing it out is well awful. My normally wavy hair is stringy and lifeless while wet. This is the reason for not saying anything before. Most of us have natural wave/curl we like or need to work with.
Day 4 – Today I remembered the package came with “styling creme.”  I don’t typically put products in my hair pre-blowout so I hadn’t bothered with this product before. The minute I put it in my hair I knew how they could market this stuff to wavy/curly hair. My waves were intensified. They weren’t frizzy, crunchy, hard, sticky….they were soft and bouncy. Before I stepped out in to the rain my hair was AMAZING. But it’s pouring rain here and I don’t use umbrellas so I got a bit wet. Still, my hair looks better than my most controlled pre-Wen days and it’s still soft. Had I gone out in the rain with my normal products I’d be a big crunchy mess.
So there you have it. Wen…who knew? Totally awesome. Does what they claim. No more expensive than my normal products. It is difficult to use (especially at first), but you do get use to it. If you can try it, I say go for it. Your hair will be improved. If nothing else you can toss your flat iron in the trash because you won’t need it.

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  1. Whit

    I want to see a picture!! :)

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