The Product Aisle | Lancôme Teint Idole

Today from “The Product Aisle,” I will be reviewing Lancôme’s Teint Idole foundation.
I’m not sure how many of you use foundation on a daily basis, but I just have to rave about a product I just started using.
If you are looking for an excellent foundation I highly recommend Lancôme’s Teint Idole. I picked this little wonder up yesterday at Sephora based on a review from MakeupGeek’s Marlena. This stuff isn’t cheap…I think I paid $43 (you can find it on Lancome’s website for $34), but worth every penny if you use foundation the way I do.
I need full coverage matte finish that lasts through my incredibly oily skin. I’ve been using MAC’s Studio Fix for years. I’ve never been too happy with it, but more impressed than with drug store finds. Recently I’ve grown tired of Studio Fix and when the last of the bottle was in sight I decided I needed a change. I took Marlena’s advice found on her website.
I am beyond happy I did. In MAC I’m a NW20. In Lancôme, I’m a Buff2. Buff2 is a superior color match and the matte finish couldn’t be more flawless. I wore it about 6 hours today without a single touch up. Only a very small dot of shine on my oiliest part of my nose could be seen when I went to take it off. Had this been the MAC I would have touched it up at least three times with rice paper blotters and powder. I would have looked caked and still shiny.
The Teint Idole does contain SPF 15, but I went ahead and applied it to my eyelids. I can not do this with MAC because their sunscreen makes my eyes burn and water. The Teint Idole not only didn’t make my eyes burn and or water, but it also made my eyeshadow last all day as well. No need for eye primer. No caking. No oiliness. No transfer to the hooded part of my lids. AMAZING!!!
My skin felt great, not at all heavy. It looked great (covered my problem areas along my jaw). And the makeup was easy to take off (wet cleansing cloth). The application (I use a brush) was easy and smooth. It didn’t dry too fast or get streaky (MAC tends to streak). I can gush on and on about this product, but I won’t. Just trust me, this stuff is bomb. If you’re a big foundation user, invest in Lancôme’s Teint Idole foundation.

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