The Product Aisle | Nars Lipgloss

Many months ago I bought a Nars lipgloss based on a video on YouTube featuring Makeup Geek’s Marlena. She had used the shade Belize.

I thought it looked great on her so I went out and bought it. I’m on my third shade now and I’ve got to say Nars is the best lipgloss I’ve ever used. It’s smooth and sheer with just a hint of shine.

Never sticky, never gooey, never clumping, very long-lasting without looking like my lips are dripping with gloss. The shades I’ve used (Belize, Dolce Vita and Stella) have all been great shades that are complimentary to a variety of skin tones.

In the past with other brands I’ve had to combine two colors together to get just the right shade or consistency and I’ve found plenty of combinations I like. But now, with Nars, I just need one swipe per lip and I’m good to go. I love this gloss so much I don’t see any reason to ever wear another lipstick or gloss again.

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