A + B

A + B

a couple of weeks ago I took Buddy on his first doggie playdate. it was really MY playdate with my oldest / bestest (it’s totally a word) friend Chelsea. we decided that since we were hanging out we might as well let the mutts do their thing too!

anywhoo, just thought I’d share the picture of Andy (Chelsea’s Briard) and Buddy (my golden retriever) — thus the “A + B” title of this post.

the boys became fast friends and were romping around the yard like THEY had been the ones hanging out since the 4th grade! too funny.

side note, do you see how dwarf-like Buddy looks by comparison to Andy. Briards can be HUGE, but they are such gentle giants.

to learn more about the Briard click here

to learn more about the Golden Retriever click here

One response to “A + B

  1. Rosemary

    I loved it…. short but sweet! Cute picture too!

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