Obsession of the Week | It’s a 10

On my never-ending quest for silky smooth hair, I’ve found one more product that helps achieve TV commercial-quality hair.  A few weeks ago my friend Chelsea told me about a product that she started using in the hopes of restoring her hair’s healthy shine and sleekness.

So, last time I ventured into Safeway and saw it in the beauty aisle I said to myself, “why not? It’s not like it is going to make my hair look MORE dry.” Well, I’m glad I took the plunge, my hair looks and feels drastically better. So what is this miracle hair product? It’s called “It’s a 10” Miracle Leave-in Plus Keratin.

As it turns out, It’s a 10 has lots of products in their hair care lineup. I haven’t tried any of the other items, but I would definitely suggest the leave-in plus keratin. It couldn’t be simpler — spray it all over your hair after a quick towel dry. I’ve been using it every time I wash my hair for the last week or so and I’m definitely loving the change.

I think one of the greatest aspects of this is the product acts as a heat protectant in addition to nourishing your hair, so I’ve been using just one product (not counting the finishing touch of hairspray) instead of layering on creams, mousse, etc to achieve the look I want during styling.

As for where to purchase this (or any of the It’s a 10 line) I’ve seen it at Safeway, CVS, and Peninsula Beauty, therefore I assume it’s available wherever you normally purchase your hair care products. I believe I paid somewhere around $15 for the smaller bottle (4 oz I think).

If you’ve tried any of the It’s a 10 products, let me know what you think and if I should try any of them!!

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