Fun Finds | Phone Apps

I have always been a proponent of keeping things “stock.”  Car stereos, my hair color, and until now: the apps on my phone.

In the last month or so, while perusing CNN – Tech, I’ve come across a few articles with suggestions about fun apps to try. Of course, being a total cheapskate, I ignored any apps that were paid (what if I don’t like it? or get bored with it? just money flushed!). In my general filtering process I’ve come across two that tickled my fancy: Sunrise and Mailbox.

Mailbox is an app that allows you to clean up your inbox (only offered with gmail). Now this sounds simple enough but it is kind of amazing how many emails can accumulate.

So here’s the deal, the goal of Mailbox is to get to “inbox zero daily,” which basically means that all your messages have a place. Whether they’ve been archived (different than deleted), or sorted into easy-to-understand categorizes to reference later, the ultimate success is being able to see the daily photo they post for people who’ve successfully cleared their inbox.

Fun Finds: Mailbox App |

Personally, I never really understood the purpose of “all mail” vs. “inbox” in Gmail. Now, it makes far more sense: the inbox is just for the stuff you are getting right now or may need right now. Everything else doesn’t need to sit there taking up screen/mental space, just put it into the archives for safe keeping…. DUH! (can you say: major lightbulb moment?!)

The only downside to Mailbox: it’s in Beta so…. just like the early days of gmail, you’ve gotta wait your turn. When you download the app and register for the service you get to see a lovely countdown of where you’re at in the lineup and how many poor unlucky souls are behind you.

Mailbox App Beta Test | was where I was at February 11th — I got it on March 1st)

So that’s Mailbox. All kinds of fun swiping and cleanliness for your email. Now, onto an app I just downloaded today…. Sunrise.

Sunrise is a calendar app, once again designed to work with Google calendars, Facebook calendars, and LinkedIn. So far what I like about it is the fact that you get benefit of multiple views of your calendar at one glance or with simple swiping motions. Plus, I really love the coloration.

I was successfully able to set up a true Gmail account calendar and a Google Apps-based calendar (in case you were concerned about not using the standard google interface).

Fun Finds: Sunrise App |

(this is what it Sunrise looks like)

I’m definitely going to try and get used to Sunrise (there are fun icons that appear, but I’m not sure what they all mean), but so far I’m digging the interface.

Let me know what kind of fun finds you’ve stumbled across lately in the comments section!


Fun Finds | Punjammies

Hello blogosphere — hope you’ve all been well! Apologies for the delayed blog post, my parents have been in town and we’ve been having too much fun for me to blog (I know….excuses, excuses).

Tonight, I came across some cute pajama bottoms on Pinterest. Instead of your average shopping site, it lead me to a very interesting story!

You see, these were no ordinary pajamas they were “Punjammies” — the product of a awareness movement called the International Princess Project.  The project was started by Shannon Keith who travelled to India in 2005 and witnessed the all-too-common act of human trafficking.

In an effort to help women and children get out of the terrible conditions to become successful, brave, and confident, Shannon has been helping to “establish self-sustaining enterprises in partnership with indigenous organizations that provide for physical, emotional and spiritual needs of women formerly enslaved in prostitution; AND advocate for women enslaved in prostitution around the world” (from the International Princess Project mission statement).

Now those of you who have visited before know that I am by no means a blogger who regularly posts controversial, bold, or upsetting topics that may concern or offend anyone. That’s just not my style. However, I felt that this was something that was worth sharing with all of you wonderful readers.

Even if you are not interested in buying a pair of PJs, I would highly suggest watching the video on the International Princess Project website.

If you are reading this, take a moment and think of how fortunate you are to have a woman (or even a little girl) in your life who is free, happy, and confident. Let her know how happy you are to have her in your life because if she was born into a different part of the world her whole life could be radically different, and as a result your life would be too.

Fun Finds | Organix Moroccan Argan Oil & Coconut Oil

Happy Labor Day — hope everyone is enjoying a nice BBQ, sunshine, or at the very least a day off of work! (that’s what I’m enjoying!)

Today I’m bringing you a 2-in-1 Fun Find post and it’s all about hair care. Ladies, we all know that shiny, healthy looking hair is one of our top priorities. Unfortunately most of the time, hair that looks like a Pantene commercial is unachievable. I personally have pretty healthy hair, but as I’ve gotten older it has become a little drier — probably due to the daily wash and blow dry and occasional straighten or curl.

For months now, I’ve been reading hair blogs, pinterest links, etc. about how amazing different oils can be for your hair. So in the last few weeks I’ve purchased Organix Moroccan Argan Oil intensive treatment and coconut oil.  People seem to complain about how expensive coconut oil is, but I lucked out an found a little container of De La Cruz Coconut Oil in my local CVS for about $2 and the Organix treatment was only about $6 on sale.

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil

De La Cruz Coconut Oil

Between the two of these products, my hair has been looking fabulous lately. The coconut oil is really intense! If you don’t have extremely dry hair be careful about over doing it — I had to wash my hair 3 times just to get it all out!

Basically my routine has been put coconut oil in my hair about 20 minutes before a shower (only  on the bottom — my scalp isn’t dry) and put it into a clip.  Theoretically you should put your hair in a shower cap and heat it up with a blow dryer to open up the follicles, but I’m not that dedicated in the morning.

Then instead of using the Organix product as a “treatment” that you wash out, I use a dime-sized dollop and use it as a heat-protectant after my shower and before I blow dry. I focus on putting this underneath my hair where I get some wicked ringlets and at the ends, then use the little bit left over on my hands and run it through the rest of my hair.

Clearly I am not a pro-blogger, as I haven’t taken before and after pictures of my hair, but just trust me that it looks much shinier and feels great!

I’d love to hear what all of you lovely readers do to keep your hair in tip-top shape, so please share in the comments section!!

Fun Finds | Running Playlist

While perusing the interweb I came across a fellow WordPress blog: Whale You Be My Friend.

Kayla, the author of this blog, has some great insight into all things design, including things like fashion and home decor.  Her entries are all really great, but one particular posting caught my eye: 100 Awesome Running Songs.

p.s. I love that Kayla used Nina Dobrev for her image — I can’t wait for The Vampire Diaries to come back on!

I am always a sucker for good music — even more so when it is put into a really well thought out playlist, but I have also recently decided I’d like to start running again.

Having played sports growing up I was always required to run (eventually enjoying it), but since those days came to a close and  my life is no longer consumed by college it’s time to get back into the swing of things.  I found this really awesome chart on Pinterest that seemed like a great way to get back into running.

chart from healthy living

Let’s hope I can actually stick to this game plan! Motivational comments are always welcome :)


The running playlist has a fantastic mix of artists, tempos, etc.  Kanye, Britney, Rihanna, P!nk and so many others… it really makes for a fun list of songs, and 100 different songs on shuffle allows for endless combinations and rhythms while working out.

I don’t know Kayla, but from her choice of music (evident in the running mix) and her choice of TV shows (seen in this post) I think she and I would be great friends — tv and music are hugely representative of who people are.

Fun Finds | Il Volo

Well hello there blog world! guess what?!

I am officially a college graduate! YAY!!! (still trying to figure out what to do with my life. and my blog. decisions. decisions…)

Anywhoo, that is probably really uninteresting to most of the world so instead here’s a fun find: Il Volo an Italian singing group.

Piero (19), Gianluca (17), & Ignazio (18)


Tonight, while being forced to watch PBS with my parents (ah the beauty of moving “home”) Il Volo came on to promote their new album and tour.  Thank goodness I didn’t walk away because the beautiful songs that came from these TEENAGERS voices were phenomenal.

If you haven’t heard of Il Volo, I highly suggestion giving your ears a vacation and sinking into the waves of sound.  Both their renditions of “O Sole Mio” and “Smile” are awe inspiring.

Of course, I love that two of these cuties hail from the land of my heritage (Sicily) — Gianluca is from central Italy, but honestly their voices can take you far far away.  Whether they are singing in their native tongue or any of the other romance languages they know, the words captivate anyone in ear shot.

The bio of this trio is short on their website, so if you’d like to know more, check it out here.  However basically know this: they are three adorable Italians who sing beautifully, and were lucky enough to win an Italian signing competition, and they are now touring the world breaking hearts wherever they go.

P.S. I’m totally in love with Piero ♥

Fun Finds | Going to the Movies

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I just wanted to share with you some upcoming movie trailers that look really awesome!  As you can probably tell from my last post like this, I am a movie trailer addict.  I rarely see a trailer in the theaters that I haven’t seen already. So, without further adieu (look, 6 years of French and I was able to include a French word in a post)… here are three movies coming out soon-ish that I am really excited to see!

The Avengers – May 4, 2012

(click the image to watch the trailer)

For those of you living under a rock, The Avengers is basically the best of the best.  We’ve got all the Marvel characters melding their powers to defeat evil. I don’t know about all of you, but the hype this movie has gotten has certainly increased my excitement. It also helps that I absolutely loved the Iron Man movies and can’t wait to see RDJ (Robert Downy jr.) team up with other super heroes!

Nesting – May 11, 2012

(click the image to watch the trailer)

This movie has not gotten much press yet, but I think it will be quite funny.  Plus, everyone loves a rom-com!  This movie essentially chronicles the attempt of one Gen-X couple to get the spontaneity back in their lives.

Looper – September 28, 2012

(click the image to watch the trailer)

Now this is for sure going to be the movie of the fall! Yes, I know it doesn’t come out until September, but the premise looks amazing (although a little freaky too). For starters I will see just about anything with Joseph Gordon-Levitt because he is just an amazing actor and incredibly good looking. Unfortunately, in this movie he has some serious prosthetics on because he is supposed to be the young version of Bruce Willis (obviously, the resemblance is not there in real life). Anywhoo, the movie looks like it will be complex much like Inception (another movie where Joseph demonstrated his mad acting skills) and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Well kids that’s my Fun Finds movie round up for right now — the ole laptop only has a few percentage points of battery left — but please let me know in the comments section if and when you see these movies or any other ones that look like they are worth watching!

Fun Finds | Study Abroad

When I’m not running around like a chicken with my head cut off I am (of course) on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc… Lately, I have been seeing a lot of these hilarious “What I Do” images and I  found one that actually applied to my life experiences.

It is pretty accurate, even for my short study abroad. Just thought I’d share this fun find with you guys.  Let me know what other funny ones you may have come across recently!



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