these are some of my favorite instagram photos. if you haven’t read the blog post about how amazing this app is, you can check it out here, otherwise just enjoy my pictures! don’t forget to follow me on instagram.

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my parents. their love has endured so much. wouldn’t be who I am without these two!

photo booth + family wedding + wine = crazy pictures

hoover tower | stanford university

night out with katie

riley & alexis’ birthday celebration

my first urban decay naked palette

awesome mural in san francisco.

flowers at stanford hospital. gorgeous and a nice change of pace.

no oil change until 2078. that’d be awesome. #typos

watching my shows on hulu. on a box. ah the perks of moving.

finals are exhausting.

hello san diego.

poolside lovin.

don’t you just love whole foods sammies? YUMMY!!

my favorite childhood park — Cuesta.

fun with paper clips.

my favorite pup. jacques philipe.

blue skies and snowy roads

skype with the abominable snow-woman

cup of coffee by the fireplace

I used the app Pic Stitch to create this collage

foggy morning

morning drive through the cascades

the thanksgiving table setting.

home for thanksgiving and i got to see snow flurries from our deck. ♥

i get to do all kinds of fun things at my job. favorite part? shredding!

lambda pi eta initiation. comm majors unite!

this is what 36k in tuition gets you. customized “silence” m&ms.

a very secret room at university of san diego.

my new toy.
proof i’m not an oregonian. i use umbrellas.
curly hair for a night out with the girls.

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