Obsession of the Week | United State of Pop 2012 (Shine Brighter)

It’s that time again…. time for a new mashup from DJ Earworm! Last year I posted about the United State of Pop 2011 which was good, but this year’s is even better! You can check out the download on SoundCloud here.

As much as I do truly love the audio versions of all of DJ Earworm’s mashups, the most impressive thing he does is creating the videos to go along with the mixes. To time the videos of each song so accurately is truly a work of art. To check out his video for the United State of Pop 2012, click on the picture below or here. (you may notice that I’ve taken a screen shot of my favorite band in the video: Fun)

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 6.51.03 PMI love these mashups because they’re always so upbeat and just make you want to dance. It certainly helps that I absolutely love all the songs that he included this year. I mean I blogged about three of them in the last few months alone!

Alex Clare



And in case you wanted to know, here is the full list of songs included:

Gotye and Kimbra – Somebody That I Used To Know
Fun. – Some Nights
Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
Maroon 5 – One More Night
Fun. and Janelle Monáe – We Are Young
Maroon 5 and Wiz Khalifa – Payphone
Ellie Goulding – Lights
Rihanna – Diamonds
Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven
Ke$Ha – Die Young
Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
Flo Rida – Good Feeling
Nicki Minaj – Starships
The Wanted – Glad You Came
Adele – Set Fire To The Rain
Lumineers – Ho Hey
One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful
Flo Rida and Sia – Wild Ones
Phillip Phillips – Home
Bruno Mars – It Will Rain
Katy Perry – Wide Awake
Alex Clare – Too Close
PSY – Gangnam Style
Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Flo Rida – Whistle


Movie Adventures

I love movies. Going to the theater, throwing a DVD in, streaming on the internet. Doesn’t matter to me, I just love to watch movies. Unfortunately, the last few months have been very chaotic in my personal and work lives (yes, I separate those!) and I haven’t had much time to enjoy movies in my favorite form: the big screen.

Aside from worrying about being stuck next to a sniffler, screaming tweens, or perhaps the universally-feared chatterbox, actually GOING to the movies is almost always a great experience. This week I was able to see not one, but two movies in the theater!

So, what did I see, you ask? The top two grossing movies out right now — duh! Sunday was a espionage afternoon with Skyfall and today was a matinee full of vampires and werewolves in Breaking Dawn Pt. 2.

Overall my movie-going experience both days was fantastic. I thought I’d share some brief thoughts on the films in case you too are debating taking the $20+ plunge of going to the theater.

First up, Bond. James Bond.

I am personally not a huge 007 fan. I know, I know… that’s a crime! Well if you can forgive me for that, I will say that I REALLY enjoyed Skyfall. As a stand alone movie (for someone who hasn’t seen all the James Bond movies) it was easy to follow and just as intriguing as say the Bourne series (one of my favorites). I thought they did a great job at keeping twists and turns in the movie without simultaneously losing my interest by confusing me.

The most impressive part about this film: Javier Bardem. He played the most creepy, freakishly smart, and crazy ex-agent ever: Silva. Oh the goosebumps! His bleach blonde hair, removable face implant, and über freaky laugh really made you believe he’d gone off the deep end.

Second best part: Daniel Craig. Enough said. :)

Overall, I give the movie an ‘A’ for being intriguing, suspenseful, and having a very handsome leading man who can kick butt all day long without breaking too much of a sweat (even for an “old” guy).

Next: the end of an era Saga

I don’t know about you, but when I’ve invested time in a TV show, multi-movie franchise, book series, etc. I tend to stick it out even past its expiration date, just because. Prime example: One Tree Hill. I watched that show like it was my job from the first to last season because after the first few seasons I felt committed enough that I couldn’t NOT find out how it ended… it was hardly the same show after 9 seasons.

Same story with Twilight. I couldn’t give up after the New Moon debacle (that movie was a challenge to sit through!). It really was too bad that the movies didn’t do the books justice because they had so much to work with. Fortunately, these last two (Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 & 2) were both really well done. Although the acting of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson didn’t necessarily get better, I think the directors were able to help them out a bit.

So, I’ve now officially seen all 5 movies (and yes, read the 4 books) and can honestly say this last one was the best of them. The cheese-factor was far less than the prior installments. Even the visual effects were impressive — those wolves almost look real. However Renesmee’s (Mackenzie Foy) digital face on various ages of children was a little creepy, but they did the best they could given the fictional nature of the character.

Anywhoo, it was definitely a great ending to a so-so movie saga. They stuck to the book well enough that I didn’t see any major reasons for complaints, the acting was improved, and the overall feel of completeness of the series (and the characters) was there — something I can say is often lacking in long-lived television shows. I’d give it an ‘A-‘ and say it is definitely worth seeing if you have any remote interest in the story because it repents for the past films that were less than stellar.

There you have it folks, my take on the top two movies of Thanksgiving week. As for what else is coming out that I want to see, the list is quite lengthy after having seen about 10 trailers in the last few days. Costco movie tickets, here I come!

Grammys 2012

I’ve said it before (many times) and I’ll say it again. I absolutely, 100% love Adele.

Tonight she did a phenomenal job performing some of her hit songs, and was acknowledged with not 1, not 2, not 3, but 6 Grammy Awards (Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Short Form Music Video, and Best Pop Solo Performance).

Congrats Adele!!

Adele performing at the 2012 Grammy Awards


Obsession of the Week | Lana Del Rey

Slightly moody, slightly pop-y, Lana Del Rey’s songs are definitely a new breed of music.  Her songs have captured the ears of millions, including myself, which is why she is my Obsession of the Week choice.


Although her first album came out in 2010, she has recently gained quite a bit of exposure and popularity. Her songs, for me at least, are great background music while doing other things, like homework, editing pictures, reading, etc..

I just downloaded one of her more popular songs called Video Games. The video for the song is very interesting as it is a compilation of clips that Lana herself put together.  As much as I like Video Games, I still prefer the original song I heard called Off to the Races.

Although Off to the Races is not a positive, inspirational song (like many of the Adele songs I love), it is a great song to belt out in the car or getting ready in the morning–the two spots I tend to listen to the most music!

I personally don’t foresee Lana’s music becoming influential in our generation like some of the more mainstream artists today, but she is definitely a talented artist, who (if she plays her cards right) might be able to become a truly successful musician and songstress.

Let me know what you think of Lana’s music in the comments section! :)

Fun Find | Top 10 Song Lyrics of 2011

So I’ve been seriously slacking in my blog posting, but school has been insane these last few weeks and finals are starting up this week, so my life has been a little chaotic.  I promise that I do in fact have big blogging plans for when I am done with my study-a-thon, but I found this link of top song lyrics of 2011 through Ryan Seacrest’s Facebook page and couldn’t resist posting it right this minute.

Continue reading

Favorite Song. Favorite City.

I can’t believe what a wonderful combination I have found.  For months now, my favorite song has been Adele’s “Someone Like You,” but just a few weeks ago her official video came out and guess where it is set?! Paris!! As Rachel Zoe would say… “I die…”

I could go on for days about how wonderful this song, video, and artist are, but instead I will let you all just watch it on your own.  Bonne nuit à tous!

Click the picture to watch/listen to the "Someone Like You" video

Obsession of the Week | Adele

I am sure many of you have heard of singer/songwriter, Adele.  Well currently, I am completely obsessed with her music and this week I’ve been especially drawn to “Someone Like You.”  The song is simply addicting!  When I really love a song I have a desire to replay it over and over again without interruption (OCD much? I think yes).

Her other popular songs from her new album, 21, “Rolling in the Deep” (made really popular by the I Am Number Four trailer–amazing movie, by the way) and “Turning Tables” are also on my recently played list more than once!

What is so amazing about Adele (other than her awesome voice) is that she wrote the songs on the CD when she was 21–the same age as me! (I bow to your mad skills Adele!)

Anyway, I highly suggest listening to (and/or downloading) her songs, then hit the repeat button and fade into the wonderful songs!  There is a really cool video on YouTube where she sings “Someone Like You” in her home, and you can see the power with which she sings.  The link is here. Seriously, check it out!

So folks, there you have it, my current obsession. I know it isn’t some awesome new thing no one has heard of, but hopefully for future obsession of the week posts, I will be able to find stuff before it becomes popular enough to be on Glee (performed by Gwyneth Paltrow)!

**Please note, I was not paid to endorse this whatsoever, I just really love her music.



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