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If you are a regular watcher of the E! Network (like I am)– home to the Kardashians, Mrs. Eastwood & Co., Chelsea Lately, and Fashion Police you are probably quite familiar with The Soup.

The Soup is a show hosted by Joel McHale that satirizes current events and pop culture.

While watching a recent episode this afternoon I felt the urge to tweet about just how funny I thought Joel was — turned out, this was a great idea! Why? Because of this…..

That’s right, Joel McHale direct messaged me back on Twitter after having seen my posting about how hilarious he is on the show.

In case you can’t read it… I wrote “watching @thesoup and can’t stop laughing. love @joelmchale … he has great #comedictiming

He responded with “merci. merci”

As Rachel Zoe would say… I die.

This was not the first time I’ve been lucky enough to have  a celeb respond on twitter. If you’ll recall I previously bloggedabout the response I received from Giada De Laurentiis


The 1st Quarter Quell: The Twins of District 10

Hunger Games fans out there, would you like to see a short film that delves deeper into the days before Katniss and Peeta?  Well then you have to check this out.

My cousin Nicole and her team of movie-lovers are going to create a short film called “The 1st Quarter Quell: The Twins of District 10.”

Nicole is an absolutely amazing artist who has not only created other short films (parodies of the Twilight and Harry Potter movies can be found here) but does some amazing drawings.  Here’s one she did of Peeta & Katniss from the hunger games.

Anyway, in order for this idea to become a reality, Nicole needs some minimal funding.  If you’d love to see an amazing fan film, check out her kickstarter page and watch her video to learn more!  Even the smallest of donations can help!  Even if you can’t donate, be sure to go like her Facebook page.

N.M.A. Original Artwork

KONY 2012

Invisible Children is an organization that has been around since 2004, but they are making waves right now with their “KONY 2012” video.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you watch the 30-minute video when you have the chance.  The message and images are all very powerful, and will truly make you realize that no matter where you live or what you look like, we are all people — a message we often forget.

I’m not one to usually partake in anything that even resembles / touches on politics, but Invisible Children’s goals are positive ones that go beyond the borders of any political party.

Click the poster to go to the video.

Hanging with my iPod…

Photo by: Megan Elizabeth Eilers; Album Cover: Ariel Winter

Hello World,

So I’m just hanging out waiting for my next class and of course, as is always the case, I am listening to my iPod.  The song I’m listening to right now is called, “Banished,” by Ariel Winter.  This up and coming young actress/singer has amazing talent, she writes her own songs (that can be found on iTunes) she is also on the ABC show, Modern Family–which is HILARIOUS! Did I mention she is only 12? Makes me feel a little pathetic at 20, but way to go Ariel!  My best friend, Tyler, lived down the street from the starlet, so he always informs me about her new music and acting roles. I love feeling connected to celebrities (so what that I haven’t met her). :D  Hope everyone has fun plans for the upcoming weekend, I know I’m looking forward to seeing my parents in Bend, where the forecast is looking positive (aka SUNNY!).



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