Sun Filled and Fun Filled

Photo by: Megan Elizabeth Eilers

Wow, it has been far too long since I got on my blog. The past month has been absolutely jam-packed with moving and work, and driving! I am officially back in California, which is amazing. I am loving being back at work at Tiny Prints, and spending time with my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces.  I finally saw Eclipse (the third movie in the Twilight saga) and I’ve officially decided it is the best movie of the saga so far, and I’m desperately hoping to see it again, because waiting for DVD will just be too hard.  What team are you on bloggers/readers? I’m personally a fan of team Emmett! Kellan Lutz is so pretty :)

I don’t have any photos to post at the moment, but they will be coming soon.  I’ve finally started that summer reading list (well I started last night) that I posted before, I’m about 1/3 of the way through Dear John, and I’m loving it.  It’s taken some serious mental effort to get the movie out of my head…always the problem with seeing the movie before reading the book!  Have you bloggers been reading this summer? Tell me what books your interested in,  in the comments, I’m always looking for good reads! (even if it does take me a  lifetime to get around to actually starting the book!)  I’m trying to think about what else has been going on since I last posted something on my blog…. Ooooh, I can’t believe I forgot! Spain won the World Cup! How exciting is that?  I didn’t stick to my resolution to watch every game, but I watched a few, and of course, the very last game.

Anyway, bloggers & readers, I hope you are having a fun summer, and getting out into the sun (safely, of course), and spending time with friends and family… preferably around a BBQ!


p.s. the photo is one of many to come from my trip to the San Francisco Zoo!


Hanging with my iPod…

Photo by: Megan Elizabeth Eilers; Album Cover: Ariel Winter

Hello World,

So I’m just hanging out waiting for my next class and of course, as is always the case, I am listening to my iPod.  The song I’m listening to right now is called, “Banished,” by Ariel Winter.  This up and coming young actress/singer has amazing talent, she writes her own songs (that can be found on iTunes) she is also on the ABC show, Modern Family–which is HILARIOUS! Did I mention she is only 12? Makes me feel a little pathetic at 20, but way to go Ariel!  My best friend, Tyler, lived down the street from the starlet, so he always informs me about her new music and acting roles. I love feeling connected to celebrities (so what that I haven’t met her). :D  Hope everyone has fun plans for the upcoming weekend, I know I’m looking forward to seeing my parents in Bend, where the forecast is looking positive (aka SUNNY!).



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