Obsession of the Week | Temple Run

Blogging world, I must once again apologize for being behind on blogging. This month has been absolutely insane and blogging got put on the back burner. Fortunately, I am back with something very exciting…a new obsession of the week!!

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Fun Finds | Lemon

Once again my wonderful iPhone has lead me to find awesome stuff. Today, it was the Lemon app.  The company Lemon, which from what I can tell is a fairly new company, helps organize receipts (both paper and electronic) into a handy report which can be accessed online or on your smartphone.

Currently in the app store (thru iTunes), Apple has a “new you” category featured. Within this, there are subcategories that focus on body, mind, money, and time. While perusing through all of these, I saw the catchy yellow and charcoal logo of Lemon and was instantly intrigued (I’m a marketers dream–show me a clean, crisp design and I am instantly drawn!)

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Obsession of the Week | Country Must Be Country Wide

It’s that time again folks…time for Meg’s Obsession of the Week.

This week I’ve been addicted to the song “Country Must Be Country Wide” by Brantley Gilbert. I absolutely love this song because it is so true…country music really is loved country-wide and it can totally bring people together.  Almost everyone in my family (*cough* except dad *cough*) likes country and I’m sure they would all love this song because it’s the kind of song you want to blast in the car or stand up and dance to wherever you are.

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Obsession of the Week | It Will Rain

Those of you who know me, know that I am a total Bruno Mars addict (my alarm clock on my cell phone is Grenade). Not surprisingly, I have once again fallen in love with one of his songs, it is called It Will Rain.

I found out about this song due to another obsession of mine: The Twilight Saga. Bruno’s song is the only song available for download off of the Breaking Dawn, Pt. 1 soundtrack (out in November…mine is pre-ordered on iTunes…is yours???!!!)  I’ve pretty much had it on repeat since it finished downloading!

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Obsession of the Week | Moves Like Jagger

Question: have you ever experienced this….

You are totally and completely in love with a band, song, album, etc… and then they (it) get over played on the radio or by some loser friends and you officially can’t stand the band/song/album?  Well that is what happened with me and Maroon 5.  I absolutely loved Adam’s posse the band back when they first debuted the Songs About Jane CD and “Harder to Breathe” became a cultural sensation.

Well since then I have loved pretty much everything that they put out, but over time I started switching the radio station any time their songs came on because I just couldn’t handle “She Will Be Loved” or “Won’t Go Home Without You” one more time.  Side note: Does anyone else still use the radio or am I getting old?

Thankfully this distaste for their overplayed songs has subsided over time and now their most recent release “Moves Like Jagger” is on repeat in my iTunes.  Of course, I fear that this hatred toward radio DJ’s and anyone humming the pop-y/rock-y beat will soon take over, but for now I am completely in love with this song. Yesterday it really helped get me pumped up at the gym, and it is currently helping me power through packing my kitchen (ugh!).

Anywhoo, you should definitely check it out because it is a rockin’ good time (did I really just say rockin’? oh boy!). If that particular song isn’t quite your cup of tea… or maybe it really is and you are as in love with Maroon 5 as I am, check out Misery–another personal fave!


**Please note I was not paid to endorse Maroon 5 or any associated products/websites.

Waka Waka?

Blogging world do you know what Waka Waka is? Well, incase you are out of the loop, it is only one of my favorite new songs!  Waka Waka is Shakira’s song for the 2010 World Cup (which by the way begins June 11th!!!).  So because I am in love with this song, as well as some others, I decided that I would make a list of my 5 favorite songs that I am listening to this week.  I would love to see your list bloggers, so post a comment because I am ALWAYS looking for new music :)

Waka Waka by Shakira—-this is a great song to workout to, very motivational!

Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare) by Kid Cudi—-yes, I love this song because of the Vitamin Water commercials… don’t judge me!

Can’t Be Tamed by Miley Cyrus—no comment :P

California Gurls by Katy Perry —I am a California girl (16 years counts right?), and regardless of where you are from, this is definitely the song of the summer.  I love the fast beat and summery feel of it!

If We Ever Meet Again by Timbaland & Katy Perry—LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. period.

**All of these songs can be found on iTunes or Rhapsody–whatever your music purchasing venue of choice is :D



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