The 1st Quarter Quell: The Twins of District 10

Hunger Games fans out there, would you like to see a short film that delves deeper into the days before Katniss and Peeta?  Well then you have to check this out.

My cousin Nicole and her team of movie-lovers are going to create a short film called “The 1st Quarter Quell: The Twins of District 10.”

Nicole is an absolutely amazing artist who has not only created other short films (parodies of the Twilight and Harry Potter movies can be found here) but does some amazing drawings.  Here’s one she did of Peeta & Katniss from the hunger games.

Anyway, in order for this idea to become a reality, Nicole needs some minimal funding.  If you’d love to see an amazing fan film, check out her kickstarter page and watch her video to learn more!  Even the smallest of donations can help!  Even if you can’t donate, be sure to go like her Facebook page.

N.M.A. Original Artwork




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