College is over, and I am actively searching for a job.  However, there is a lot of free time in between job apps.

What do I do when I need a break from typing in the same info all day long? I turn to Pinterest, of course!

Unfortunately that means I’m overloaded with decorating and DIY craft ideas for the apartment I don’t have yet.

So, while I daydream of trendy lofts and cutsie studios I thought I’d share some of my favorite ideas and get some input from you (my awesome readers) about projects you’ve done to spruce up your digs on a budget.

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Here are four different projects for four different rooms:

for the bathroom…

Ikea spice racks as hair/make-up holders — what a genius way to make up for a lack of counter space (something all apartments tend to struggle with)

for any room…

Painted vases make for great pops of color in a room. Buy cheap vases and give them a fresh re-do with a coat of paint — SOO easy, can’t wait to do this!

for the bedroom….

another super easy project. create an entirely new pillow with just a little bit of fabric with the awesome knot they show on this blog. fantastic way to change the feel of your bed or couch with minimal effort!

for the living room….

striped drapes are a great way to make up for plain apartment walls. this project doesn’t seem too hard — only a few items and a little imagination will turn plain drapes into designer-inspired ones


Fun Finds | Pinterest

Where can you find an amazing combination of social media, bookmarking, and gorgeous photos?  Pinterest, that’s where!  I learned about Pinterest from my boss, Alison, a few weeks back and I’m completely obsessed!  I’m always finding fun things online that I want to keep in mind, but the simple little bookmarks at the top of my internet browser don’t provide much inspiration. But this does….

Isn’t that just gorgeous?  I think so too :)

The best part is, you can categorize to your heart’s content–which I absolutely LOVE! I have 10 boards with all kinds of inspiration categories (everything from hair to fashion to home).  You can check mine out here.

Of course, because it is also a social media site, you can “follow” friends (and vice versa), which means that inspiration can come from all your friends, or if you choose, all over the world!

Once you start following people you get to have a beautifully arranged welcome page to view all the awesome posts from everyone you follow–like the “most recent” page on Facebook.  Each photo provides a link to the source, which is great for “how to” stuff or recipes (I’m always looking for cooking blogs, but having this is a great way to keep my posts organized, while identifying what I want for dinner by photos).

Well blogging world, that’s basically all I have to say about Pinterest, other than seriously GO CHECK IT OUT! While you’re there, you can follow me (meganliz90).  I promise you won’t be disappointed if you have any desire to be organized while enjoying fun photos all day long!

Fun Find

Image from: Tiny Prints & Erin Condren

I was checking facebook and Tiny Prints, the company I interned with for two summers, is now carrying a new line of day planners by Erin Condren.  I WANT ONE!! There is a video all about what it offers inside on YouTube here. There are various styles of planning, and the colors & layout really look great. (the video shows it off really well).

Here is the link to Tiny Prints and here is Erin’s site.

Hope you all enjoy it! Let me know if you have one/get one and how you like it.




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