A Little Taste of Nature

It’s been a busy January so I haven’t been able to put pen to paper (fingers to computer?) for my blog as often as I might have liked. Fortunately, I have been able to soak up some of California’s wonderful weather and take a few hikes outside with Buddy.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite Instagram photos from my time in the golden hills of California.

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Apologies blogging world, I have had a bad case of senioritis.

My life has been all kinds of crazy these last few weeks and unfortunately my blog has suffered.

Graduation is 8 days away and there will definitely have to be some big changes to my blog with this new transition in my life because my tagline of “college student. coffee addict. hopeless romantic. girly girl. blogger.” won’t be accurate, as I will no longer be a college student. SO CRAZY!!

Anyway, stay tuned for the future of my blog and please keep the comments and resharing up, it means a lot to me!

Despite my hectic life, I have gotten in a few moments of relaxation in, so here’s a picture that will hopefully bring some sunshine and positive thoughts to your world

Spring Cleaning

today is quite an icky day. clouds. a few sprinkles here and there. and overall just a stay inside kinda day.

according to the calendar it is technically spring. so i decided to take my free saturday to do some “not-such-a-spring day, spring cleaning.” this is from instagram. clearly all the stuff piled on my bed is a sign that i have a lot left to do… so i better get back to it instead of being distracted by the interweb. :)

hope it’s warm and sunny wherever you’re spending spring and you’re out having fun… or cleaning. whatever makes you happy!



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