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Do you wish you could showcase all your awesomeness somewhere on the web without having to design your own website?

Of course you do!

Okay, sorry to start off sounding like an advertisement, my brain isn’t in full writing mode yet (only 1 cup of coffee down). Late last night, while perusing Facebook, an article from Mashable caught my attention.  Specifically it was this article.

Now, I am not a graphic designer / artist / video guru, so I always assumed portfolios in the traditional sense were not really necessary for someone with my skill set / career goals.  But then I read this article about Pathbrite. And wow, were my socks knocked off.

Basically you can categorize your important life experiences/skills into a visually pleasing portfolio that is quite intuitive to use.  I’ve begun mine, however there is probably a lot to learn about how to best utilize this for job search / online presence. Always a lesson waiting to be had….

Anyway, I couldn’t make mine small enough to capture a great screen shot and still include everything, so don’t mind the less than wonderful shot here, but definitely go check my page out to see how easy it is to interact with.  You can simply select the categories on the top to see which of the images is relevant to that section.  They are color-coordinated, so it is super easy.

Either click here to visit my portfolio or click the image below.

As you can see I’ve chosen 4 categories: Travel, Social Media, Work Experience, and Life.  They are obviously not the most inventive of category names, but as this is supposed to be utilized by anyone who comes across it on the web, I wanted it to be logical.  Social media, for instance, simply allows a “reader” to see images of my Pinterest page, my Klout page, Twitter, and my blog — where you are right now :)

Travel has pictures from my study abroad last summer (my new computer doesn’t have pictures on it yet, so I had to utilize their Facebook importer — which, to be honest, needs a little help).  Work experience brings up my resume (PDF, downloadable) and the logos of the companies where I have worked. Lastly, Life showcases my graduation from University of San Diego. Again, a lack of photos and an eagerness to get the portfolio set up resulted in a “rough draft” if you will of my Pathbrite page.

UPDATE: this post was seen by the wonderful people of Pathbrite and they featured my portfolio and blog on their site! check it out at:


So now that this is by far one of the longest postings I’ve done in a while, I’ve got one bit of exciting news to share before signing off.

I GOT A JOB!!!!!

At long last (in my mind — I only graduated at the end of May, so I’m ahead of the curve), I am employed. And let me just say, it feels damn good. I will be an associate at Valerie Frederickson & Company, a HR services firm in Silicon Valley. Yay Me!!!

Alright, apologies for the lengthy post. Hope everyone has a great week, and be sure to comment below about Pathbrite. Let me know if you’ve used it, how you like my portfolio, and if you think digital portfolios will bring an end to the hard copy resume in the future?!




Hi All,

Not quite sure how big an impact this will have on anybody’s lives, but I just discovered and created an account. Now I have yet another way to connect on the web. This is getting out of control, but of course, I LOVE IT!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and a Happy Easter or Passover! :)

a bloggers confession

I have a confession. (this is stolen from my bff, who starts out many conversations with those four words)

I feel pathetic and a little ashamed.

Here I call myself a blogger, but what have I been doing: not. blogging. (oh the horror!!!)

I feel uninspired. My life is consumed with far too many other things like work, school, upcoming graduation (52 days!!!!), and trying to find a job, to be focused on the exciting things in life. Sad, I know. Soon enough – hopefully – the stress will lessen and I can go back to sunshine, music, and enjoying the little things in life!


What’s a blogger to do when they’re lacking creativity and inspiration? Log onto Pinterest, of course.

Unfortunately, I am still left without any obsessions/fun finds/recipes/ etc.. that really get me in the blogging mood. BUT….here are a few fun ones that hopefully get your inspiration juices flowing, even though mine are stuck somewhere between job apps and research papers.

KONY 2012

Invisible Children is an organization that has been around since 2004, but they are making waves right now with their “KONY 2012” video.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you watch the 30-minute video when you have the chance.  The message and images are all very powerful, and will truly make you realize that no matter where you live or what you look like, we are all people — a message we often forget.

I’m not one to usually partake in anything that even resembles / touches on politics, but Invisible Children’s goals are positive ones that go beyond the borders of any political party.

Click the poster to go to the video.

Social Media Excitement

Anyone out there who doesn’t believe that social media is the most awsome-ist wonderful-ist addition to our lives is absolutely crazy.  That is a fact.  Okay okay, maybe you don’t think so, but let me tell you I am OBSESSED.

Yes I understand it is a problem, but good things CAN come from it!  So any of you who follow my blog are probably aware that I am Sicilian (for those of you who need help with geography, that is the island that Italy’s “boot” is kicking), which means of course that I am a complete “foodie” (a.k.a. the nice way of saying I’m seriously addicted to food).

Combine my love of social media and food and this is what you get:

That’s right, I got a response from Giada DeLaurentiis herself!  For any of you who aren’t already following me on twitter (*cough* click the link *cough*) and didn’t see the link to the recipe, you can check it out here.  Sorry I was unable to post a picture, it was gone too fast! (yes, it was that good)

Anywhoo, how awesome is that? I felt so special that of the three or four people she responded to that evening, she chose me!!  I know that lots of celebs respond on twitter, but it is still AWESOME!!

Keep your eyes posted on the blog, I am going to try and post some cool stuff this week (in between packing boxes and struggling to drive a U-Haul).

In the comments section let me know if you have any cool celeb encounters (on social media sites or in person) or if you have tried any really awesome recipes lately.  (Also, if you don’t know how crazed I am about Pinterest and the cornucopia of recipes on there, you can check that out here :) )

The Dark Side of Social Media

While looking for something else entirely on the University of San Diego website, I came across this article by two recent graduates and thought that it would be a great topic for discussion on my (newly redesigned) blog.

As most of you reading this probably know, I am a communication major at the University of San Diego, and I am always on the hunt for more information about social media and the new style of marketing that has taken over our culture.  This article discusses how the law just cannot keep up with the ways in which media is changing, including the fact that there are many people out there impersonating companies and celebrities with the sole intention of defaming said entity.

Obviously, this is a huge issue for anyone trying to maintain an image, whether it is for themselves or a brand. Some celebrities for instance, feel that maintaining their own social media page is not worth it because of possible negative commentary. For example: Miley Cyrus and her twitter account, which she deleted after a few bouts with negative press and poor tweeting choices.  (FYI, Miley is back on Twitter after only a few months of hiatus–fickle much?)

On the contrary, we have celebrities like Ryan Seacrest and the Kardashian sisters who post regularly about their personal lives to give their fans a personal connection, with the hopes of maintaing a positive image on- and offline.  Of course, it isn’t just celebrities who utilize the world of social media to connect with audiences.  Brands like Groupon, Sprinkles Cupcakes, and Nordstrom all use Facebook and Twitter to promote deals, share photos, and generally maintain contact with consumers.

So blog world, what do YOU think about this?  Is it acceptable for individuals to fake pages for celebs or companies who don’t have their own accounts? Do you gravitate toward companies that have well designed websites and social media pages?  Let me know in the comments, I would love to get a discussion going about this!

Fun Finds | Pinterest

Where can you find an amazing combination of social media, bookmarking, and gorgeous photos?  Pinterest, that’s where!  I learned about Pinterest from my boss, Alison, a few weeks back and I’m completely obsessed!  I’m always finding fun things online that I want to keep in mind, but the simple little bookmarks at the top of my internet browser don’t provide much inspiration. But this does….

Isn’t that just gorgeous?  I think so too :)

The best part is, you can categorize to your heart’s content–which I absolutely LOVE! I have 10 boards with all kinds of inspiration categories (everything from hair to fashion to home).  You can check mine out here.

Of course, because it is also a social media site, you can “follow” friends (and vice versa), which means that inspiration can come from all your friends, or if you choose, all over the world!

Once you start following people you get to have a beautifully arranged welcome page to view all the awesome posts from everyone you follow–like the “most recent” page on Facebook.  Each photo provides a link to the source, which is great for “how to” stuff or recipes (I’m always looking for cooking blogs, but having this is a great way to keep my posts organized, while identifying what I want for dinner by photos).

Well blogging world, that’s basically all I have to say about Pinterest, other than seriously GO CHECK IT OUT! While you’re there, you can follow me (meganliz90).  I promise you won’t be disappointed if you have any desire to be organized while enjoying fun photos all day long!



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