Fun Finds | United State of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom)

A few years ago I discovered DJ Earworm, an awesome DJ who mashes songs together.  He is pretty well known for his yearly United State of Pop mash-ups.  Well, just yesterday he released his 2011 version called World Go Boom.

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Obsession of the Week | Shooting Star

Thanks to one of my best friends I have a new obsession, and of course, it’s a song. With as many times as my obsessions of the week are songs or albums, I should probably just make it song of the week…. hmmm (don’t mind me, my brain just took off in another direction…your reguarly scheduled blog post is below…) :)

Welcome back. Anywhoo, the song is called Shooting Star. It was originally released by David Rush, an artist I had not heard of until hearing this song.  The original version is great, but you know what makes it even better?

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Obsession of the Week | It Will Rain

Those of you who know me, know that I am a total Bruno Mars addict (my alarm clock on my cell phone is Grenade). Not surprisingly, I have once again fallen in love with one of his songs, it is called It Will Rain.

I found out about this song due to another obsession of mine: The Twilight Saga. Bruno’s song is the only song available for download off of the Breaking Dawn, Pt. 1 soundtrack (out in November…mine is pre-ordered on iTunes…is yours???!!!)  I’ve pretty much had it on repeat since it finished downloading!

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