Hi All,

Not quite sure how big an impact this will have on anybody’s lives, but I just discovered about.me and created an account. Now I have yet another way to connect on the web. This is getting out of control, but of course, I LOVE IT!


Hope everyone is having a good weekend and a Happy Easter or Passover! :)


Memorial Day

Photo by: Megan Elizabeth Eilers

Guess what everyone? I have finally taken more photos!! I’m sure you are all very excited about that, aren’t you? Well, I suppose the excitement trail may end with me, but regardless, you should check them out. I spent my Memorial Day weekend in crazy amounts of traffic, and thus got extremely bored creative! Here’s the link to my “stuck in traffic” photos, or you can just click on the side bar, over there —>

How did you spend your memorial day? Did you do anything to curb your boredom?

-Meggers (the exhausted driver)

Girls Weekend

Hello All!
This weekend, I am hoping to finally get the opportunity to take more photos because I’m headed to Portland with my roommates to have a “girls weekend” before the end of school/before I move back to California! Tonight commenced by going to see Nightmare on Elm Street, which was (in my opinion) not scary at all (except the last scene…I’ll leave you in suspense of what happens, incase you haven’t seen this absolutely genius (haha) work of cinematic adventure). How do you (blogging world) feel about scary movies? Are you like my roommate who hardly saw any of the movie because her hands were covering her face? or are you more like me, who is just disturbed to pay $9 to see a movie that is chalk-full of creepy men & lots of fake blood? Let me know in the comments below! Anyway, I’m off to LaLa land so I can fully enjoy my day o’ shopping & goofy girl time tomorrow–should be loads of fun! Goodnight world.



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